Monday, June 13, 2011

Eve-n Adam needed it


DO you know why God created a woman for Adam?” asked Obedient Wives Club international vice-president Dr Rohaya Mohamad.

“Eve was created because Adam had needs. Men have (sexual) needs which they can’t control. And if the needs are not fulfilled, men will find another woman. God created them like that.”

The 46-year-old bespectacled, tudung-clad mother of eight continued: “One of the reasons we started the club is because not all women are trained to be good in bed. We want to teach them how to perform better than a first-class prostitute.”

Dr Rohaya is not your typical Stone Age housewife. She’s a high-flying businesswoman with Global Ikhwan Sdn Bhd, a multi-million-ringgit company with businesses spanning Australia, South-East Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

She studied medicine at the University of Wales in Cardiff. She is the third wife of Mohamad Ikram Ashaari, the 45-year-old son of the late Al-Arqam founder Ashaari Mohamad.

“So, how does a woman become a sex goddess?” I asked Dr Rohaya at the Perangsang Templer Golf Club in Rawang, where the obedient wives were preparing for their club’s launch on June 4.

“We will teach them techniques,” said Dr Rohaya without blushing.

Blushing, I asked, “What sex tips?”

“You ask him first what he likes, then you ask yourself what you like. You can’t have two heads in the house,” she said.

Tudung-clad Fauziah Ariffin, Ikhwan Catering & Restaurant director, chipped in: “Our sifu (mentor) Ashaari told us that a wife’s (sexual performance) must be better than that of a first-class prostitute.”

“What is happening now (the Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Arnold Schwarzenegger sex scandals),” explained the 48-year-old businesswoman with an accountancy degree from New South Wales University in Sydney, “is the consequence of the wife not performing her obligation (sexually satisfying her husband).

“But why did Brad Pitt ditch Jennifer Aniston – who I assume is pretty good in bed – for Angelina Jolie?” I asked.

“Actually if Brad Pitt had a choice, he would have wanted to have both of them as his wives,” said Dr Rohaya, who is Ikhwan Polygamy Club deputy president. “Unfortunately, Western society can’t accept (polygamy).”

“What do you think of (Perkasa president Datuk) Ibrahim Ali’s statement that when a man has the need and his wife is cooking, she has to stop cooking?” I asked.

“I agree with him as God created Eve for the needs of a man,” ex­­plained Fauziah, who is a third wife and proud of it.

“What do you think of the Monica Lewinsky scandal?” I asked.

“(Former US president) Bill Clinton is being a man,” Dr Rohaya said.

Fauziah added: “As a world leader, you are stressed up and one way to release your stress is by having sex.”

“Do you think Hilary Clinton should have stood by her man?” I asked.

“It would have been better if she allowed Monica to be Bill’s second wife,” said Fauziah.

Then both women laughed heartily as if they were sharing a personal joke.

“Most women’s group will say that your club is bringing women back to the Stone Age,” I prodded.

“We expect that as there is always two schools of thought. But what we want to say is: there’s an alternative. We believe one of the core reasons for what is happening in the world – prostitution, rape and whatnot – is because a man is not satisfied at home. So why don’t we give it a try,” Dr Rohaya said.

How about starting an Obedient Husbands Club?

“I will ask my husband if he wants to start one,” she said.

Talking to the obedient wives made me feel as if God had not banished man from the Garden of Eden.


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